IP in a post Brexit world

28 October 2019

What will be the possible impact of Brexit – deal or no deal – on the IP sector?


Following our recent grant approval from the government’s Brexit Business Readiness Fund join us here for a live broadcast panel discussion at 15:00 GMT on Monday 28 October 2019.


The event will be streamed live from CIPA HQ in London and will be available to watch here and at satellite venues across the World.  


All participants are encouraged to use our online audience interaction platform below to engage with the event. Scroll down to join and you'll be able to see the questions people are asking, ask your own, vote on other people's and take part in straw polls.


Test your connection

Opening remarks

Lee Davies, CIPA Chief Executive – Chair

Trade Marks and Designs

Alicia Instone (Cleveland Scott York), CIPA Council, Chair of Designs & Copyright Committee

Patents, SPCs and International Relations

Julia Florence, CIPA President

Business Planning and Continuity

Matt Dixon (HGF), CIPA Council, Chair of Business Practice Committee

Questions and discussion